How to Lose Stomach Fat

How to Lose Stomach FatMen are the ones who most often want to lose stomach fat. That’s because that is where men carry their extra weight. Women tend to carry their extra weight below their waists, around their hips. But the basic weight loss tips in this article could apply to anyone.

One thing you will not see here is any mention of ab exercise machines or late night infomercials as being the way to learn how to lose stomach fat. That’s because of one simple reason. They don’t work!

And that was proven by Men’s Health magazine when they reported that it takes 250,000 sit ups in order to lose one pound of fat. That’s right, it wasn’t a misprint, 250,000! So if you think that’s the way to lose the pot belly, think again.

But if you are looking to do it, then here are the steps and ideas you need to undertake to learn how to lose stomach fat.

The first way to learn how to lose stomach fat is to start strength training! You don’t start with aerobics. You start with strength training. Here’s why:

In order for you to lose fat from your stomach or anywhere else you must start burning more calories between your workouts. You do this by increasing your metabolism. And the only way to increase your metabolism long term is by adding muscle. This way, no matter what you are doing (sitting, watching TV, sleeping, etc.) your body will be burning more fat. So you have to start with strength training.

And the biggest single mistake most people make when strength training is they focus on upper-body exercises and ignore their lower-body. This is a terrible mistake. After all, about half of the muscles in the body are below the waist, including the biggest muscles in the body, your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

By working these muscles in the lower body with leg exercises you can activate your metabolism for longer than by working out your upper body alone.

The second way to learn how to lose stomach fat is to start drinking water as opposed to soda, alcohol and sugar drinks.

Now, after talking about strength training and hydration, we come to proper cardio exercises. And when learning how to lose stomach fat, you need to understand the two methods of doing cardio exercises:

  • Steady state cardio-where you work at the same level of intensity throughout the exercise.
  • Intervals, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) where you vary the intensity of the exercise and perform short periods of extremely intense exercise combined with periods of lower intensity.
  • Normally, when it comes to fitness techniques and ideas, there is a wide variance of opinions.

    Every single fitness book I have ever read consistently talks about the benefits of interval training over steady-state cardio. So I would definitely say that the only time you should do steady-state cardio is if you need a day to rest because you are too sore from doing the previous day’s HIIT session.

    The next way to learn how to lose stomach fat may surprise you, eat breakfast! Even though there is research that says it makes no difference whether or not you eat breakfast, my experience is that people who get the best results don’t skip breakfast.

    Apparently, a common characteristic among obese people throughout the world is that they skip breakfast.

    So what should you have? I believe your breakfast should contain some protein and fiber. The protein can help to promote muscle growth and the fiber helps keep you feeling full for longer.

    Finally, I am going to add one tip that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of when you are trying to figure out how to lose stomach fat: Take a daily fish oil supplement.

    The health benefits of fish oil supplements are astounding and they are constantly more benefits being researched. One of the most recent studies involves fish oil helping signal your body to turn protein into muscle. And I mentioned earlier the vital importance of muscle growth and increasing your metabolism.

    So there you go, some simple tips to help you lose stomach fat fast.


      1. Hi Kelly, There definitely appears to be some benefits to fasting and I suggest doing that perhaps once or even twice a week if you want. However, the rest of the time I suggest having breakfast.

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