Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor

What is the best home blood pressure monitor?

That is really a subjective question because so much depends on the price that you are willing to pay for it. And while we will cover several home blood pressure monitors based upon quality, we will also cover the types of monitors so that you can an objective decision as to which type is best for you.

First of all, it is important to know that checking your blood pressure at home is important, especially if you are attempting to manage high blood pressure.

You cannot merely rely on the readings when you go to your doctor. Home monitoring can help you make sure that any medication you have been prescribed is working and that you are keeping track of not only your blood pressure but any other healthy concerns that may arise.

Home monitoring of your blood pressure is important because:

  • It helps you to make an early diagnosis of high blood pressure.
  • Better track your treatment and your progress.
  • Cut down on your health care costs by cutting the number of doctor visits you may require.

Check to see if your blood pressure is different outside of the office. A diagnosis of high blood pressure may be because you are just nervous about going to the doctor’s office, leading to a misdiagnosis. Finding the best home blood pressure monitor and using it at home, most of which keep track of your results so that you can measure your progress, allows you to see whether you have a real health problem or are just suffering from anxiety at the doctor’s office.

Studies are also finding that people who regularly monitor their blood pressure at home are more likely to gain positive health benefits as a result of the home monitoring.

Your first decision when seeking to find the best home blood pressure monitor for you is to know the different types available. Here they are:

  • Cuff-This is what you get when you go to the doctor’s office. An inner layer of rubber fills with air and squeezes your arm. The outer layer holds the cuff in place so that the readings can be taken.
  • Stethoscope-While some of the best home blood pressure monitors do come with stethoscopes, unless you have medical training you are not going to know what to listen to making these difficult to work with at home.
  • Gauge-these have a gauge with a dial on it and look like an old-style thermometer. Today however, most of the best home blood pressure monitors are digital for the ease of use.
  • Digital-These are more common these days, and are easier to use. In addition to a digital readout, many keep a record of your results as well as talking to you and giving you the results, which is ideal for the hearing impaired.

Even though there are home blood pressure monitors which attach to a finger or your wrist, the most accurate attach to your upper arm over your bicep. Monitors that check your blood pressure via checking at your finger are not recommended for home use.

Neither are public blood pressure monitors, the ones you find in drug stores, because they may not be functioning properly. These are the types of things that parents let their children play on while they are on line at the pharmacy so the public monitors generally take a beating. Also, you as the patient may not be relaxed when coming across the machine and as a result will get a false reading.

As far as the accuracy of the wrist monitors, they can be accurate if you use them exactly as directed. But even the American Heart Association recommends using your one of the best home blood pressure monitors that attach to the upper arm.

The problem with the wrist monitor is that it is extremely sensitive to body position. Even when done accurately, the American Heart Association is concerned that wrist monitors may give abnormally high readings and are less accurate than any of the standard home blood pressure monitors you can get that attach to the upper arm.

So what is the best home blood pressure monitor? Here are a few below to give you some idea of the features and benefits that are available:

LifeSource Dual Memory Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

wrist blood pressure monitor

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor Docking System

This one that attaches to your iPhone. Being that 127 million of these phones have been sold, there’s a good chance you or someone in the family has one. This amazing device turns any device from Apple into a home blood pressure monitor.
home blood pressure monitor
You need to download the iHealth app from the Apple Store [it’s free] and then you are ready to go. This application not only helps you check your blood pressure with the same reliability as at the doctor’s office, but the application allows you to accumulate a detailed medical history so that you can share this information with any medical practitioner.

To sum up, either of the devices above will serve you well when looking for a home blood pressure monitor.

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