What is the best cardio workout for you?

Best Cardio Workout

What is the best cardio workout for you?

It is a very common question. And the reason we ask is simple. We’d all love to have six-pack abs and that slim sexy waistline. Many people think that the solution for this is focusing on their core. But the problem is that crunches and endless sit-ups are not the answer. The reason is simple.

If you do endless crunches, you will be strengthening your core (no problem with that) but you will not be burning the fat that is lying on top of your abs.

In order to show that six-pack, you have to get the fat to disappear. And the only way to do that is burn the fat through cardio training.

In this article we will cover all the options you have available, at home and at gym, and go through the best cardio workout you can perform that will enable you to get your aerobic heart rate up and enable you to lose weight.


Walking to lose weightWalking is the easiest and simplest of the cardio exercises because it can be done anywhere. At the gym, you can do it on a treadmill and at home anywhere there is a street, track or field.

And because of its simplicity it is the best of the aerobic exercises, with these two caveats:

  • You do it strenuously enough
  • You do it long enough
  • Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight with a casual stroll; you need to be moving quickly enough (for your current level of physical fitness) that it is tough to carry on a conversation without being completely out of breath. And there are several ways to raise the intensity of the workout:

  • If you are walking on a treadmill, the best way to do this is to raise the incline of the treadmill. Not only does this add to the intensity of the workout, but it conditions your glutes. Most women are looking to create their ‘buns of steel’ and this is one great way to do it.
  • Walk outside along a sports field near your house. Perhaps perform the ‘Farmer’s Walk’ outside with a weighted conditioning vest.
  • Elliptical

    The elliptical machine is a great exercise because it simulates cross-country skiing, it can be a total body workout if done properly, and is a zero-impact workout. These are important for people with ankle, knee and hip problems.

    To do this exercise correctly, use both your legs as well as your arms to push the poles. In this way, you work your legs, glutes, arms and shoulders.


    The rowing machine is another cardio machine that is a total-body workout as well.

    You use your legs, back, arms and shoulders. The rowing machine allows you to improve your cardiovascular fitness at the same time you build muscle, and when you add muscle you allow your body to become a more efficient fat burning machine.

    Step machine

    As its name suggests, this simulates walking up the stairs. It does not give you a total body workout, but does provide a great lower body workout, especially for your glutes.

    Can’t get to the gym? A great alternative to the step machine is to do the same exercise using the steps in your house. So long as you have a basement or a 2nd floor this is possible.


    The good news about running is that you burn the maximum number of calories by running. So, if this is your criteria, then running gets the award for best cardio workout. You cannot do a cardiovascular exercise that will burn calories and fat quicker.

    The bad news is that running is a very high impact workout, making it a difficult exercise for those with knee, hip and ankle problems, to say nothing of the fact that those who are starting an exercise program, and in all likelihood overweight, cannot do the exercise for the length of time necessary to make it effective.

    Cardio Kickboxing

    A total body routine involving kicks, punches, elbows, knees and blocks. It will get your heart rate up and your total body moving. In addition, it features extensive bursts of energy followed by short breaks, which will allow you to use interval training to increase your fat loss.

    Recommendation: If you are starting out and are wondering which program would be the best cardio workout for you, here is the answer:


    Let’s say you are recommended to use the elliptical machine as the best cardio workout for you. What if you try it and hate it? Or you have already tried it and hate it? The recommendation won’t matter. The most important thing is to start moving.

    Ultimately it doesn’t matter what cardio you do, just as long as you do it! You need to start moving. Start slowly and work your way up. And make sure to consult your doctor before you begin.

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